I am an American¬† living in the suburbs of Naples, Italy. We moved here after living for 9 years in Switzerland. My husband is from here and after 2 kids we decided to move closer to family. Life is crazy here, it’s a complete change from Switzerland and the US but it’s also a lovely place. Southern Italian has some of the warmest, most generous people you will ever meet. The food is unprecedented.

I don’t like to label myself as vegan/vegetarian, I believe in eating what you want but everything in moderation. I want my family to eat whole, natural healthy foods (most of the time!). The site is called Eat Cake for Breakfast because I love the Italian tradition of eating cake and cookies for breakfast (not the typical sweet American cakes with frosting and lots of sugar). I love coffee, a thick Italian espresso or a cappuccino rich with foam are my favorites. I love baking and cooking when I have the time.

I’m an elementary school teacher. I love running in my free time (very early in the morning!). I have two little kids who are my life.