We more or less followed our “schedule” yesterday and it made the day go by faster. With little kids, the days are busy but long and sometimes it feels like hours stretch out in front of you. Creating a little schedule made our day go by smoother. When Felicity woke up, I talked to her  about it and she said “like at school”. So even at 3, children understand the importance of schedules.

Anyway, we headed out for our morning adventure a little after 9:30. We hit up the playground and the store and stopped for a cappuccino (for me) before coming home. We bought some art supplies (essential for preschool age kids at home!) while out and set up the table to make “paper plate fish”. We painted the fish and the paper plates. After painting those, felicity wanted to continue painting and coloring. She did that while I cleaned up around the house.

We made lunch together, ate, and then had “quiet” time. Just was we were packing up to walk down tot he pool, we got hit by a big thunderstorm that lasted into the evening. We stayed inside, I let her watch some videos on youtube, we did yoga, she played with her tablet and then around 4 then rain let up so she went outside to run around on the terrace.

Once Raffi got home, she played with him and their cousin until dinner time. The kids were asleep by 8:30. Today we should have sun all day so hopefully we can make it out to the pool this afternoon.

Happy Thursday!


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