Summer Schedule

I’ve made a loose “summer schedule” for the kids and I to “follow”. As a teacher, I know that my day goes smoother when the kids have a schedule. There’s cues to follow that they understand. It’s also easier on the adult to have an idea of how the day is going to go.

I’ve roughly made our summer schedule to have daily free play times, outside times, screen time when the weather is not good, and craft/educational activities. I think it’s also important that the kids have lunch, dinner, and bedtime at the same time. It can be really hard here for people to understand the need for kids to go to bed early. Summer time in Southern Italy is like when everything goes. Kids stay up so late here. I’m exhausted even thinking about it.

Yesterday, we went to the pool for a few hours before heading home for the evening and both kids were out by 8. It was a really nice day and hopefully the same for today!


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