How do you do it?

I was asked twice yesterday by two different coworkers, how did you do it? They both brought up the points than I job every morning, have two little kids, work full time, have a long commute, cook, clean and still seem happy and calm. I wake up early, like 5 am early to make sure I get me time, which is when I blog and jog. After that it’s time to start the day. The morning “me” time is essential. Yes, it’s early, but when else can I have a few minutes to myself? My kids have been great these past few weeks about getting into bed and asleep by 8:3-9, but by then I’m usually exhausted myself and join them after a few minutes.

I have a lot of help though, my mother-in-law is fantastic with my kids and helps me out in way one or another almost every day. Yesterday evening, Felicity went to her house after school, ate dinner there, visited her great-grandma and came home around 7:30. When she got home, she quickly got her bath and fell asleep on the sofa watching TV around 8:15. My MIL brings us dinner, plays with the kids for a little bit or helps us out some way. It does help keep my stress levels down.

Today is another busy day, two more days of school left. After work, Felicity and I are going to a birthday party.

Have a great Thursday!


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