Sleepless Nights

We were up a good part of the night with a sick little boy. I think he’s teething and it’s gotten worse the past few days. Yesterday evening Felicity and I got home around 6 because we needed to stop by the mall on the way home. We made frozen yogurt pops with blended strawberries and yogurt while we filled up the pool outside.

By the time the pool was filled, Umberto and Raffi were home. The kids played outside for awhile but Raffi started crying after a few minutes and pretty much continued until he fell asleep around 845. He calmed down for a little to watch Peppa Pig on Netflix and eat dinner but then cried again after. He woke up around 4 and couldn’t go back to sleep.

I ditched my run today to cuddle with him. Sick babies need their mommas more than I need to run.

Hopefully today is not to exhausting!



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