When life hands you lemons…

We have so much fruit now, like crates of it, from my in-laws garden. It’s more than we can ever eat. Sunday, I made pies and jam with it but now there’s more fruit! Sweets are hard to make because we rarely finish them. We have so much jam as it is but I think I might need to make another batch. I’m going to wait for the apricots to ripen a bit before I turn them into jam.

I took some of the plums which are very ripe, cut them up, and bagged them with some cut up bananas and froze them for smoothie packs. We all love smoothies so I hope to make a few combos with all of this extra fruit. I also want to make homemade frozen yogurt pops for the kids instead of store bought ice cream.

Yesterday afternoon, while Felicity was in dance class, Raffaello and I had some time to go play at the little playground near her dance class. He’s looking more and more like a little boy and not my baby! He was in bed at 8 but had a rough night, he woke up almost every 30 minutes or so crying. 18 month molars?

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