Sunny Sunday

Another beautiful Sunday in the books for us. In the morning, we mainly stayed at home and the kids played inside, outside and then in the pool. They brought all their balls into the pool and had more fun than one can imagine in a baby pool with only about 1 foot of water in it.

Around 1 we finally got them in for the Sunday Italian lunch feast and it took some convincing of Raffaello to go down for a nap. In the end he only slept about 1 hour so we took advantage of it and went to a local pool. The kids loved it! We didn’t get many pics because we mainly chasing them around trying to stop them from jumping in. Raffaello had to wear his sister’s pink left vest since we didn’t have time to get him his own yet. He didn’t care and had a blast. He has one new work “wawa”, water or aqua. He said it over and over yesterday.

The pool closed at 6 so we left then, came home and started the evening routine. We had a quick dinner of cucumber salad (me), proscuitto and bread (kids and U) and some leftover “crostata” (jam pie) from lunch before we got the kids off to bed. Both were asleep by 8:30!


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