Saturday in the books

IMG_0124IMG_0134We’re still here. Work and life has taken over my normal blogging. We’ve hit summer full steam, yet I am still working and Felicity still has school for the next week. The hot (but not too hot yet) days of summer have come. My kids play outside all day well into the evening, only coming in to eat and wash off the dirt of the day. It’s lovely. I’m not looking forward to the much hotter summer to come though, now its perfect.

We’ve been here 10 months. It’s crazy to think we’ve been here almost a year, the time has passed so quickly. The days and weeks fly by. We’re so much happier here. The move was for the better and I don’t think any of us regret it. Southern Italy isn’t an easy place to live, it’s not perfect but for us it was the best move we could have done.

This weekend has been filled with meeting an old friend who was visiting the area Saturday morning, getting a quick lunch out, then coming home to relax and play. It felt like our Saturday flew by. Our plans for today are lunch at home, then hitting up the pool or the park, it will depend on when the kids wake up from their naps.


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