First week of Summer

The first week of summer passed so fast. We spent most of the time going for walks, playing playgrounds, and going to the pool.

I think Felicity is officially done with napping. I got her to agree to one short nap this week and she was awake until nearly 10:30. She fell asleep in the car another day for 20 minutes or so and was awake again until 10.  If she doesn’t nap she’s out by 8/8:30. I’m trying to get her to do a “quiet time” now after lunch for an hour or half an hour. I need the time to relax!

Sunday afternoon was spent eating lunch at my in-laws then going to the pool. The kids loved it of course.



We more or less followed our “schedule” yesterday and it made the day go by faster. With little kids, the days are busy but long and sometimes it feels like hours stretch out in front of you. Creating a little schedule made our day go by smoother. When Felicity woke up, I talked to her  about it and she said “like at school”. So even at 3, children understand the importance of schedules.

Anyway, we headed out for our morning adventure a little after 9:30. We hit up the playground and the store and stopped for a cappuccino (for me) before coming home. We bought some art supplies (essential for preschool age kids at home!) while out and set up the table to make “paper plate fish”. We painted the fish and the paper plates. After painting those, felicity wanted to continue painting and coloring. She did that while I cleaned up around the house.

We made lunch together, ate, and then had “quiet” time. Just was we were packing up to walk down tot he pool, we got hit by a big thunderstorm that lasted into the evening. We stayed inside, I let her watch some videos on youtube, we did yoga, she played with her tablet and then around 4 then rain let up so she went outside to run around on the terrace.

Once Raffi got home, she played with him and their cousin until dinner time. The kids were asleep by 8:30. Today we should have sun all day so hopefully we can make it out to the pool this afternoon.

Happy Thursday!


Summer Schedule

I’ve made a loose “summer schedule” for the kids and I to “follow”. As a teacher, I know that my day goes smoother when the kids have a schedule. There’s cues to follow that they understand. It’s also easier on the adult to have an idea of how the day is going to go.

I’ve roughly made our summer schedule to have daily free play times, outside times, screen time when the weather is not good, and craft/educational activities. I think it’s also important that the kids have lunch, dinner, and bedtime at the same time. It can be really hard here for people to understand the need for kids to go to bed early. Summer time in Southern Italy is like when everything goes. Kids stay up so late here. I’m exhausted even thinking about it.

Yesterday, we went to the pool for a few hours before heading home for the evening and both kids were out by 8. It was a really nice day and hopefully the same for today!



We are officially on summer break. I finished work yesterday, went to pick up a 2nd hand Phil and Ted’s double stroller (so happy to finally have good double stroller in my life!) and headed home. After dinner we decided to celebrate the school year being finished and almost spending a year here in Italy, so we packed the kids in the new stroller and went to get some ice cream and for a walk after.

It was such a nice start to the summer. Needless to say though, I was exhausted because I had been awake since 5 am. As soon as we got home, we gave the kids a quick bath and crashed for the night. I am so happy to have some time at home and more time with my kids! I honestly feel like a little kid on summer break!

Today’s plans are to clean up the car, a possible trip to Naples to pick up a package sent to my friend’s FPO, and hopefully some pool time.

Have a great Tuesday!



School’s out!

School is over for the summer! I still need to go in Monday to clean up and pack out but after that almost three months of vacation! I’m sad Felicity won’t see her friends everyday anymore though. She will also be going to the public school here next Fall. I decided it’s only going to get harder as she gets older and wants to go to birthday parties, etc. The parties are too far away for us to go to after school or on the weekends. I want her to be close to her friends.

We had a relaxing Saturday. We stayed home most of the day. Raffaello and I ventured out to do some grocery shopping and I took the kids to the McDonald’s playplace while Umberto went to the Lowe’s type store next door. Felicity and I made a banana bread yesterday afternoon and pancakes for breakfast.

Today we’re going to lunch at my in-laws and then to the pool. Have a great Sunday!


How do you do it?

I was asked twice yesterday by two different coworkers, how did you do it? They both brought up the points than I job every morning, have two little kids, work full time, have a long commute, cook, clean and still seem happy and calm. I wake up early, like 5 am early to make sure I get me time, which is when I blog and jog. After that it’s time to start the day. The morning “me” time is essential. Yes, it’s early, but when else can I have a few minutes to myself? My kids have been great these past few weeks about getting into bed and asleep by 8:3-9, but by then I’m usually exhausted myself and join them after a few minutes.

I have a lot of help though, my mother-in-law is fantastic with my kids and helps me out in way one or another almost every day. Yesterday evening, Felicity went to her house after school, ate dinner there, visited her great-grandma and came home around 7:30. When she got home, she quickly got her bath and fell asleep on the sofa watching TV around 8:15. My MIL brings us dinner, plays with the kids for a little bit or helps us out some way. It does help keep my stress levels down.

Today is another busy day, two more days of school left. After work, Felicity and I are going to a birthday party.

Have a great Thursday!


Sleepless Nights

We were up a good part of the night with a sick little boy. I think he’s teething and it’s gotten worse the past few days. Yesterday evening Felicity and I got home around 6 because we needed to stop by the mall on the way home. We made frozen yogurt pops with blended strawberries and yogurt while we filled up the pool outside.

By the time the pool was filled, Umberto and Raffi were home. The kids played outside for awhile but Raffi started crying after a few minutes and pretty much continued until he fell asleep around 845. He calmed down for a little to watch Peppa Pig on Netflix and eat dinner but then cried again after. He woke up around 4 and couldn’t go back to sleep.

I ditched my run today to cuddle with him. Sick babies need their mommas more than I need to run.

Hopefully today is not to exhausting!



When life hands you lemons…

We have so much fruit now, like crates of it, from my in-laws garden. It’s more than we can ever eat. Sunday, I made pies and jam with it but now there’s more fruit! Sweets are hard to make because we rarely finish them. We have so much jam as it is but I think I might need to make another batch. I’m going to wait for the apricots to ripen a bit before I turn them into jam.

I took some of the plums which are very ripe, cut them up, and bagged them with some cut up bananas and froze them for smoothie packs. We all love smoothies so I hope to make a few combos with all of this extra fruit. I also want to make homemade frozen yogurt pops for the kids instead of store bought ice cream.

Yesterday afternoon, while Felicity was in dance class, Raffaello and I had some time to go play at the little playground near her dance class. He’s looking more and more like a little boy and not my baby! He was in bed at 8 but had a rough night, he woke up almost every 30 minutes or so crying. 18 month molars?

Sunny Sunday

Another beautiful Sunday in the books for us. In the morning, we mainly stayed at home and the kids played inside, outside and then in the pool. They brought all their balls into the pool and had more fun than one can imagine in a baby pool with only about 1 foot of water in it.

Around 1 we finally got them in for the Sunday Italian lunch feast and it took some convincing of Raffaello to go down for a nap. In the end he only slept about 1 hour so we took advantage of it and went to a local pool. The kids loved it! We didn’t get many pics because we mainly chasing them around trying to stop them from jumping in. Raffaello had to wear his sister’s pink left vest since we didn’t have time to get him his own yet. He didn’t care and had a blast. He has one new work “wawa”, water or aqua. He said it over and over yesterday.

The pool closed at 6 so we left then, came home and started the evening routine. We had a quick dinner of cucumber salad (me), proscuitto and bread (kids and U) and some leftover “crostata” (jam pie) from lunch before we got the kids off to bed. Both were asleep by 8:30!